Ever dreamt of a product that has never been made? Brio’Gel will create it for you!

Since 1997, we have stayed true to our approach of never imposing our products, but listening to our customers so so that we can meet their expectations in terms of value-added, innovative, niche products.

Another aspect of Brio’Gel’s expertise is its ability to offer superior quality frozen products which simplify the daily lives and logistical concerns of professional bakers.

This is why our top products change year on year, depending on the production opportunities provided by ingredients sourced from conventional, sustainable or organic crops.

We judge our efforts according to our customers’ satisfaction, as well as our own ability and desire to meet their needs as closely as possible.

Our customers make our work worthwhile.

“ A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”



Our team is made up of people with a range of different backgrounds, training, experience and characters.

Difference is an opportunity, not an obstacle, giving us all a chance to learn from each other.

We need to seize this opportunity because it generates constructive dialogue between us all. We pass on and share our interpersonal skills and our expertise – key factors in our ability to succeed in our mission, to realise the vision of the company that is a regular subject of discussion between us.

In our company, everyone is free to think, share and pass on skills, and we are all capable of shouldering our individual responsibilities.

Our management is there to support our employees, whose role in turn is to support customers.